The MDickie Show


- Press M and D at the editing screen to unlock the characters.
- Press BACKSPACE at the "Coming up on today's show..." screen to change the topic
- Press H during a conversation to activate the host!
- Press G during a conversation to activate the guest that's speaking!
- Press CTRL + END during a fight to halve the health of all guests

- Press Left ALT + F to change the fog colour
- Press Left ALT + L to change the light colour
- Press Left ALT + B to change the lighting location
- Press Left ALT + V to change the shine colour (only in v1.1+)
- Press Left ALT + C to toggle the crowd on/off
- Press Left ALT + W to change the wall design
- Press Left ALT + G to change the ground design
- Press Left ALT + S to change the stage colour
- Press PUNCH + RUN whilst "X-Rated" to perform your opponent's finisher

Copyright MDickie 2000 - 2004