Theme Tunes



The music in my games is usually cropped and reduced in quality to enhance performance.
Here I provide the original MP3's in extended form and at the highest possible quality...

The You Testament
Although music was never going to be the centrepiece of a game set in ancient Palestine, The You Testament went on to enjoy the most sophisticated music system of them all - as 4 different themes were effortlessly intertwined! I'm particularly proud of the main theme with its dramatic introduction:
- Main Theme (1.1mb)
- Sinister Theme (650kb)
- Gentle Theme (928kb)
- Meditation Theme (590kb)

Wrestling MPire 2008
Although it grates on repeat listening (especially in the background of the management version), I'm proud of the fact that Wrestling MPire 2008's revamped theme is a decent song in its own right that wouldn't sound out of place on a wrestling TV show. Incidentally, if the theme annoys you in the actual games you can track it down as the "Theme.wav" file in the "Sounds" folder. You can then either tone down the volume or entirely replace the file with something else...

For my boxing sim, I was hoping to compose something reminiscent of Rocky. What came out was nothing of the sort and probably ranks as the most inappropriate theme tune of them all! However, I liked the quirky composition so much that I couldn't bring myself to replace it...

Hard Time
This is one of my most successful compositions in the sense that I perfectly achieved what I set out to do. These sinister drums and horns recall the Oz TV show that inspired the game. The neat soul vocals polish it off nicely...

World War Alpha
It's a shame that some of the less popular games had decent soundtracks that went overlooked. One of my best compositions was this cinematic theme to World War Alpha...

Grass Roots
This ranks alongside Reach for having one of the most inappropriate theme tunes. Although I was happy with the background beat, I struggled to attach meaningful vocals to it and ended up with some woman muttering about being "too young to die"?! It sounded more like the lyrics of a James Bond theme than anything to do with kids playing football...

Wrestling MPire
The original 2004 Wrestling MPire theme was my best composition then and still was by the time Wrestling Encore arrived in 2006. If it ain't broke, don't fix it... at least not until 2008!

Another decent theme that suffered from being attached to a poor concept. It wasn't easy to sum up the movie industry in one piece of music, but I put together a cinematic classical piece that gradually transformed into something more modern before you had even noticed!

As with The You Testament that would come later, it wasn't easy to attach a piece of music to a spiritual game about life on a desert island. The simplest beats are the easiest to get wrong, but I just about pulled it off with this composition of tribal drums and primal noises...

Sure Shot 3D
The upbeat military theme I put together for this 3D remake of Sure Shot was the first (and only) time my music was praised by a reviewer, so I must have been doing something right! It had the additional bonus of sounding like a wrestling theme from the 80's, so it came in handy for future projects too...

Arguably the "coolest" piece of music I ever composed, 2004's Popscene theme was so good that it still held up in the 2008 remake. It was a particularly unlikely success story since I had never composed a piece of music for anything other than a boisterous fighting game until then!

In the short time that its appeal lasted, The MDickie Show did capture the imaginations of some people. The speech-laden gameplay was a treat for editors, and a couple of underground musicians even went so far as to put the the words to music! Vengeful Blessings took my so-so George Bush impression and somehow squeezed it onto their political "OURmageddon" track...  

The MDickie Show
My early theme tunes were a little repetitive since they were largely about the same subject matter, but this one just about stood out from the crowd. The simple drums and guitars made for a nice TV jingle as well as the main song itself...

Big BumpZ
For small and simple game, Big BumpZ came packing a decent and recognizable theme tune. It wasn't dissimilar to that of Steve Austin during his WWF heyday and came in handy for future wrestling games...

Federation Online
Staring at the prospect of having my games published for the first time in 2002, I had to come up with a theme tune for Federation Wrestling/Booker that went with everything else I had made myself. As fate would have it, I had the good fortune to accidentally knock up a decent tune by randomly twiddling knobs in some drum & bass music software! It wasn't perfect, but it was certainly the biggest and best composition I could ever imagine making at the time - and from then on I would always be responsible for making my own music...

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