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"It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle it without debate."
Joseph Joubert

The Zeron Show (September 2016)
My games may not be on Steam, but this interview was! Longtime fan (and sometime critic), Pedro Santos, grills me on the conflict between PC and mobiles.

Youtubers Interview
(August 2016)
10 years after they were made, YouTubers continue to get mileage out of mocking my early PC games. Not all of them hang around to discuss it like Kreal did, however...

Review Fix (March 2015)
Patrick Hickey Jr has always been a tireless supporter of independent projects, and here he checks back in with me 3 years after our first exchange.

Wrestledelphia (January 2015)
In the aftermath of the Royal Rumble in Philadelphia, I spoke to Jack of Wrestledelphia about that show - as well as Wrestle Kingdom 9 and my own work with wrestling.

NVision (NVidia) (November 2014)
Shortly after Wrestling Revolution 3D debuted on Android, NVIDIA caught up with me to talk about how the game was performing on their SHIELD handheld.

Ill Gotten Brain (July 2014)
The pop culture website "Ill Gotten Brain" caught up with me as Wrestling Revolution 3D was taking shape to see what my hopes were for the series.

Flare 3D (May 2014)
At the turn of 2014, I didn't even know how to make 3D mobile apps - but within 6 months I was making progress on Wrestling Revolution 3D! The developers of the engine that helped make it happen checked in with me to see how the production was going...

Pro Wrestling Tuga
(June 2013)
My international following has always meant a lot to me, so I found time to field some questions from my Portuguese fans over at Pro Wrestling Tuga (where you can read the interview in Portuguese).

Jaguar Journal
(April 2013)
It's always a pleasure to see kids sharing their enthusiasm for my games at school, so I participated in an interview for Nicco Toral's school newspaper, The Jaguar Journal.

Adobe Case Study
(September 2012)
At the turn of 2012, I didn't even own a smart phone - let alone know how to develop for one! But within 6 months, Wrestling Revolution was released to an enthusiastic reception and my voyage of discovery was the subject of an Adobe case study...

Review Fix
(August 2012)
Shortly after the release of Wrestling Revolution, I spoke to Patrick Hickey Jr of Review Fix about the game's positive reception and promising future...

The Russian Interview
(May 2012)
People tend to like me more when they can't understand what I'm saying, and Russia is one of the many foreign countries where I have a loyal following! Here, Dmitry Pavlov gets some answers on their behalf...

Jacob Bowmaster Interview
(March 2012)
As a former student of game design myself, I was happy to field a few questions from Jacob Bowmaster - a student of 3D animation who will be hoping to enter this industry...

The Bolitho Buzz
(December 2011)
Benjamin Eyriey interviewed me for his school newspaper, the Bolitho Buzz, to get inside the mind of a game designer and discuss my past, present, and future...

Joel Cull Interview
(October 2011)
Joel Cull is a long-time fan from Australia who put a few questions my way regarding the release of Under Development and what it means for the future of my games...

Rick Dawson Interview
(August 2011)
I've been around so long now that even my fans have fans! 5 years ago, Rick Dawson was an aspiring filmmaker who had taken inspiration from my work with games. Now he's the real deal with several movies under his belt already - including work with Dan "The Beast" Severn, Dustin "Saved By The Bell" Diamond, and Ron "Porn Star" Jeremy. Here, we catch up in our 2nd exchange...

The Indian Interview
(March 2010)

When I released yet another spiritual game with The Making Of A Prophet, the backlash was predictably fierce. But the sentiment wasn't lost on one of my Indian players, "Mr Centurian", who gets to the heart of the matter in this brief interview...

The Programmers' Interview
(November 2009)
When a community of programmers belatedly discovered my work and began questioning its credibility, I kindly invited them to receive answers to their many questions. Unfortunately, they know so little about me that they lurch wildly from one baseless accusation to another...

Dave Wishnowski Interview
(March 2009)
There's only one human being alive that knows hard how I worked on the games, and that's Dave Wishnowski who has been bank-rolling his own independent wrestling project - Pro Wrestling X. In this interview, the next big thing locks horns with the retired veteran...

Joel Cull's Interview
(March 2009)
Joel Cull is a young fan who enjoys my games all the way from Australia! Here he puts a few questions to me on behalf of his overlooked countrymen...

Tom The Dude's Interview
(December 2008)
As the release of my book gets people talking about my career once more, I put it all in perspective by fielding a few final questions from Tom The Dude...

Bernard Randall's Interview
(December 2008)
As my gaming career draws to a close, I let Bernard Randall speak for the fan community as he gets the answers to a few final questions...

Indy Gamer Interview
(December 2007)
In the month that Reach won "Sports Game Of The Year", Paul Eres - the winner of "Strategy Game Of The Year" - makes for a like-minded interviewer, and confronts me with some of the deepest questions I've ever had to answer for his Indy Gamer blog...

Indie Diary Interview
(September 2007)
My work is responsible for getting a lot of people into game development, so I can't turn my back on them when they come back asking questions! Doing just that is the aspiring Blitz developer, Sarper Şoher, whose journey is charted in the Indie Diary blog...

Game Shark Interview
(May 2007)
Having extolled the virtues of my work on their site, my affiliation with Game Shark culminates in this revealing tête-à-tête. Ahead of Reach's release, I contemplate what the future holds and discuss the pros and cons of the methods that got me this far...

Game Tunnel Interview
(September 2006)
While I try to bring credibility to the independent scene with my games, Game Tunnel are doing the same on the journalistic front. They're dedicated to the finest independent projects and the developers that make them, so here's what they made of my work...

Jimi Icon Interview
(August 2006)
Here's what happened when independent game observer, Jimi Icon, hit me with a barrage of quick-fire questions for his website...

Peter Staniforth Interview
(July 2006)
Wrestling Encore's more polished game engine has taken the concept further than its predecessors ever did - including to the desks of wrestling journalists themselves! Here, the "Internet Icon" Peter Staniforth finds out what all the fuss is about...

The Political Interview
(August 2005)
My work has always trodden a thin line between the responsible and the controversial, so I'm often dragged into the gaming violence debate. Here, Rick Dawson gathers my thoughts on the matter once and for all...

(November 2004)
Following this Summer's controversial Hater-view, it seems a little unfair that the legitimate fans don't get their own interview time too. So now we're back at the other side of the spectrum with the first "Fan-terview"! One "Silent Assassin" is up first, inquiring as a wrestling fan and aspiring game developer...

The Blitz Interview
(October 2004)
After years of being dismissed as a "wrestling obsessive", Popscene finally made me flavour of the month over at October was all about MDickie, as my interview with the team comprised the centrepiece of the Blitz Newsletter...

Children's Express Interview
(April 2004)
When Children's Express were examining the pros and cons of wrestling, this interview was conducted to ascertain my views on the phenomenon...

Wrestling Gamers United Interview: Part 2
(March 2004)
Wrestling Gamers United
is a website dedicated to making the wrestling genre a better place. In the Spring of 2004, I talked to them about my very same mission...

Wrestling Gamers United Interview: Part 1
(July 2003)
Before I had ever made a 3D wrestling simulator, Wrestling Gamers United were in on the ground floor after seeing my 2D work and became supportive of my ambitions...

9/11 Interview
(September 2001)
By the time the planes had flown into the Twin Towers, I was making headway as an game developer. This poignant interview with Tony Graziano catches my gut reaction - and reveals that paranoia about tanned faces affected games as much as airports!

Baileyk85 Interview
(August 2001)
On my first anniversary as a game developer, the future remained untold and anything was possible. Here, Baileyk85 asks me about my ambitions for the years ahead - which seemed to centre around walking into a job as a mainstream developer! Who knew...

PC Format Interview
(February 2001)
Step back in time to early 2001 when was first noticed by the press! It was "Site Of The Month" in PC Format and everybody wanted to know what I was up to. In the years that followed my bold ambitions would eventually come true...

Shock FM Interview
(December 2000)
My public debut as a game designer coincided with me starting university and stirred up a lot of interest on campus! This is what transpired when James Huxley interviewed me for the local Shock FM radio station. It's the first interview I ever gave about my work...

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