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"We all have the need to feel special - and it's this need
that brings out the best in us, yet the worst in us."
- Janet Jackson

Guinness World Records 2015
(January 2015)
I'd like to think my 1st time in the Guinness World Records would be for something a little more noble than sending millions of people to prison, but I'll take whatever I can get! Hard Time's 5 million downloads on mobiles made it a record-breaking year for that genre.

PC Gamer Sweden
(August 2013)
5 years after it was made, the Swedish version of PC Gamer spent 6 pages examining The You Testament. The good thing about it being in a foreign language is that you get to imagine that they're saying something positive! They're not, of course. It's the usual "so bad it's good" drivel, with characters wittily renamed "Shithead", etc. But I didn't know that was the journalist's intention when I took time out of my busy schedule to give thoughtful responses to help them meet a deadline.

Adobe Case Study
(September 2012)
At the turn of 2012, I didn't even own a smart phone - let alone know how to develop for one! But within 6 months, Wrestling Revolution was released to an enthusiastic reception and my voyage of discovery was the subject of an Adobe case study...

Game Developer Magazine
September 2012)
The Wrestling Revolution is more than one game made by one man and actually represents a whole movement. I managed to parlay this interview into a discussion about how my fellow independent developers are also pushing for change in the genre...

Computer Technik
(November 2011)
Towards the end of 2011, the original Wrestling MPire 2008 made a belated appearance in the German magazine CT ("Computer Technik"). Having long since been made freeware, it was given away free on their cover disc to reach even more players in Europe. Quite what was said in the accompanying article remains a mystery as my GCSE in German has failed me. Ich kann das nicht verstehen! Although it's quite amusing to speculate...

Times Educational Supplement
(February 2011)
Within a few months of side-stepping into the education sector, my use of technology was profiled in the Times Education Supplement and I was subsequently invited to their prestigious awards ceremony to celebrate innovation in the field.

PC Gameplay Benelux
(March 2007)
An excitable review of Hard Time cropped up in the European publication, PC Gameplay Benelux. The only downside was that very few people could appreciate it because it was written in a foreign language! Fortunately, a Belgian fan offered to make sense of it for us all. His translation revealed that I am officially a  "game designer with balls" - which is always a relief to hear!

Games For Windows
February 2007)
Within a month of its release, Hard Time was crowned "Indie Pick Of The Month" in the ubiquitous Games For Windows magazine. It was rare chance for me to appear in the American press instead of my native UK. However, it's debatable as to whether the backhanded compliments
within amounted to good publicity!

Develp Magazine (April 2004)
If I'm not in the news, I'm usually writing it! Here's one my most notable published articles, in which I once again extol the virtues of independent game development. It was published in the April 2004 issue of Develop magazine, where it was honoured with a whole page (and a supportive intro by the editor)...

Daily Telegraph
(November 2003)
A hobby turned into a profession in 2003 as I began developing AND publishing my games. This piece in my local newspaper (the very one I used to deliver!) celebrated my bold ambitions at that time...

Student Direct
(March 2003)
When I scored a publishing deal before I had even finished university, it became a source of immense pride for the campus and ensured I would be featured in the student newspaper...

PC Utilities Magazine
May 2002)
Although it's overlooked by most of my fans, Sure Shot's
retro concept resonated with journalists better than any other. Specifically Martyn Carroll of PC Utilities, who described the game as a "gem" and "extremely playable". Elsewhere in the magazine, the articles on my website were hailed as "excellent" - and my work in general was charged with making independent game development "something to get excited about again"...

PC Format Magazine
(February 2001)
Within 2 months of setting up my own website, I had the honour of appearing in the UK's leading PC magazine, PC Format. My series of WWF-inspired games had captured the imaginations of wrestling fans everywhere, and their journalists just happened to be among them! A favourable article ensued as was proclaimed "Reader Site Of The Month" and enjoyed a whole page of coverage. It was the perfect start to my career as a webmaster and was instrumental in giving me an audience to play to...

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