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The following programs were made in Flash and will load up
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Flash StuntZ

To celebrate my 10-year anniversary, some of my classic creations are being remade as free online Flash games! And what better way to begin than with the very concept that started it all almost 10 years ago to the day. Flash StuntZ is a polished new 2D interpretation of the gameplay we saw in the Big BumpZ series, where you play a wrestler sacrificing his body in order to perform stunts in the name of entertainment. It boasts the most sophisticated flight physics yet - as run-ups and jump power affect the moves you land and the points you score. And with access to all 6 different kinds of jump, there are more moves than ever to discover! Who'd have thought this much MDickie action would ever be contained in a web browser? It's time to get addicted all over again...
Click here to download the file to run full-screen (4.6mb)

Sure Shot

The original was hailed as a "gem" by PC Utilities magazine, and now Sure Shot has found its natural home as an online Flash game! The retro concept is better suited to this format and can now be played instantly to kill a few minutes wherever you happen to be. Firing from each side of the battlefield, you have to catch enemies in your cross-fire without hitting each other (which is more difficult than it sounds). Simply hit the Left or Right cursors to fire from either side. Use Up and Down to tug at the rope bomb, before hitting Space to detonate it for multiple kills! If you prefer, you can also click on various game elements as though it were a touch-screen mobile app...
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Enter into a meditative state and examine the contents of your soul as they churn throughout numerous lifetimes! Simply swipe left or right as the character traits circle your consciousness and strive to turn the negatives into positives. Only when you've purified your soul can you achieve the liberation known as "Moksha". But the closer you get to enlightenment, the fast the wheel of life spins to throw you off! See how many lifetimes it takes you to succeed... 
Click here to download the file to run full-screen (3.2mb)

CM Punk's Promo Cutter

When CM Punk's landmark "worked shoot" caught my attention (along with everybody else's), I felt moved to enshrine it in a little game of its own. This program brings the iconic scene to life on your desktop - but allows YOU to control which words spill out of Punk's mouth! If you thought delivering a promo of that calibre was easy, this will test your ability to deliver each line at the right time. Different remarks are attached to keys A-Z, 1-0, Enter, Shift, and Ctrl. You can also randomize with Space Bar, and turning left or right with the cursors opens up 2 different sets of quotes. It's fun to either recreate what was really said or to mix & match statements of your own!

The Path To Enlightenment: Survival Edition

This is a Buddhist interpretation of the classic Snake game that challenges you to control a young Siddhartha Gautama as he roams around the confines of his courtyard. As in the famous story, you must ensure that he doesn't come into contact with the hazards of illness, old age, or death for as long as possible. It becomes harder and harder with each passing moment - reflecting the futility of a life lived in denial! Simply use the cursors or mouse clicks to guide Buddha's movements up, down, left, or right...
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The Path To Enlightenment: Wisdom Edition

This alternative version of the Buddha game gives you an additional target as you avoid the threats of disease, old age, and death. You must guide Buddha towards the meditating guru who will feed him nuggets of wisdom that lead to enlightenment! These include the "4 Noble Truths", "8-Fold Path", and "5 Precepts" - which is great for becoming familiar with those teachings. Simply use the cursors or mouse clicks to guide Buddha's movements up, down, left, or right...
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Anthropic Principle

This simple game challenges you to recreate the perfect circumstances for life! Click your mouse button to strike the perfect balance between "Push", "Pull", and the position of the sun to create planet Earth. Any other combination will create one of the 8 other planets in our solar system, complete with a brief explanation as to how they came to be. The game is designed to demonstrate the "Anthropic Principle", which ponders whether our existence is perfectly logical or so unlikely as to invite the involvement of God. The "Strong Anthropic Principle" is when we click once a time - appreciating how difficult it would be to stumble across perfection by chance. The "Weak Anthropic Principle" is when we click repeatedly - acknowledging that there are many planets in the universe (and possibly many universes too!) so at least one of them should hit the target. The game is not entirely scientifically accurate, but it may still be used to become familiar with the solar system.
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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

This is an interactive version of the popular Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? quiz designed for teaching purposes (as recommended in the Steer report!). It is dedicated to the subject of Religious Education (up to GCSE level), featuring categories dedicated to all 6 major faiths and relevant philosophy. The controls should be self-explanatory. You simply use the mouse to click on any option you want. Clicking on an answer once will highlight it (for suspense!) and clicking it again will confirm the answer. If a question is unsuitable, you can click on it to replace it with another. You can also click on the "Lifelines" to make use of those. Although only "50/50" is relevant to the gameplay. The other two are merely icons that you can toggle on and off to record your use of them. It is suggested that "Phone A Friend" allows the student to ask another member of the class, whereas "Ask The Audience" requires that they make sense of the group shouting out in chorus!
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QI: Quite Interesting

This is an interactive version of the unconventional quiz QI - which rewards "interesting" answers and rejects obvious ones! This particular version is dedicated to matters of religion and is designed for teaching purposes. After posing each seemingly obvious question, you can choose to punish weak answers by clicking on Alan Davies or reveal an interesting fact by clicking on Jimmy Carr.
If you'd like to skip to a different question, simply click on the host Stephen Fry. The game is good for challenging preconceptions and provoking debate...
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Guess Who

This is a religious interpretation of the popular Guess Who? format, which challenges the player to identify a third party from the clues given. In this case, players must identify which of the 6 major faiths the individual in question belongs to. Every 5 seconds a new clue will be given - ranging from red herrings to dead giveaways - and the player must click on the correct answer as soon as possible. It's great for sharpening up one's understanding of the differences (and similarities) between each faith - especially the 3 Abrahamic ones...
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Family Fortunes

This is an interactive version of the popular Family Fortunes TV show designed for teaching purposes. It is dedicated to the subject of Religious Education and features categories relevant to all 6 major faiths. For those unfamiliar with the format, it's a fun and effective way of imparting any information that takes the form of a list! You simply ask the participants to suggest answers for the given category and then reveal them if they are there by clicking on the line. If the answer is not there, you can register an error by clicking on up to 3 crosses. It is suggested that people play in teams, offering an answer one by one or passing control to the opposing team if they cannot. Whoever completes the board wins the round. Since there's no way for the game to process spoken answers, the presentation requires that the teacher learns the answers in advance. To assist in this, you will notice that the answers are revealed in pale blue whenever you run the cursor over an option. Take care not to let the audience see this when resorting to it...
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A simple interactive timer for presentation purposes. Simply click on the required time to count down from there - complete with tense sound effects for the last 30 seconds! Click again at any point to cancel...
Click here to download the file to run full-screen (1.7mb)

Federation Online

Not a complete project so much as my first ever experiment in Flash way back in 2002! Suffice to say, it never amounted to anything because the programming was alien to me back then. But at the time it was a nice little showcase for the improved 2D visuals that were being developed...

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