Booking MPire



- Press A or S at the editing screen to adjust a wrestler's salary
- Press CTRL + I at the calendar screen to force and inter-promotional contest
- Press CTRL + P over a production to automatically produce it
- Press CTRL + TAB at the fed editing screen to jumble up the rosters!


- Press ALT + F to change the fog colour
- Press ALT + L to change the light colour
- Press ALT + B to change the lighting location
- Press ALT + V to change the shine colour
- Press HOME to cause a random explosion!
- Press PUNCH + RUN whilst "Special" to perform an opponent's finisher
- Hold down SPACE while the characters are loading to make them ghosts!
- Use the LEFT and RIGHT cursors at the Title screen to screw up the theme tune!
- Press DELETE after the final bell to restart a match

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