Potential Games

"It's not who has the idea first, it's who has it best!"
- Mike D (Beastie Boys)

Ring Rust
This variation of Federation Online destroys wrestling as we know it! In the heat of a ratings war, the human wrestlers have been replaced by superior robots. Fearing for their business, and their jobs, the humans vow to destroy the machines in the ring. Can the humans still cut it, or will traditional wrestling be lost forever? 

Old Age Punch-ioners
An old man and an old woman decide to strike back at the louts that ruin their neighbourhood, dishing out some serious handbag and walking cane shots...

Burgling Bastards
A millionaire must defend is home from a bombardment of burglars, as they seek to take money and valuable possessions from under his nose...

Space Bums
A Red Dwarf inspired tale of some bungling space adventurers, that dart from planet to planet seeking survival and enlightenment...

A lazy cat is trying to get his 6 hours of sleep in, but life in his chaotic neighbourhood doesn't make that easy! He must manipulate his surroundings in order to score as much peaceful sleep as possible...

Thug Life
A harrowing simulation of life in the 'hood - where fellow human beings are more terrifying than any fantasy monster...

Stage School
A group of young entertainers mince it up around the city on various missions, hoping to save their stage school. Characters could include a magician, a ballerina, a clown, etc..

Town Tycoon
An Only Fools & Horses inspired money-making farce. A bungling team of tycoons must race around the city buying and selling various merchandise...

A battle of wizardry, not unlike Pokemon et al. Opposing wizards operate at either side of a battlefield and send forth all manner of monsters and spells - with the ultimate aim being to destroy the enemy wizard. The battlefield would be split into lines of attack, into which each monster or spell is cast. The creatures then battle their way as far down that path as possible - hoping to reach the opposing wizard's stage and destroy a segment of it. In addition to aggressive monsters, there will be spells that simply knock a creature onto another route, etc..

Premonition Man
A super hero action game, whereby our hero experiences each level twice. The first is a dream-like walkthrough, whereby the player must take the opportunity to memorize as much as possible - such as when and where a disaster happens, where the enemies are hiding, etc.. Then the player plays the level for real and must use his observations to his advantage. 

Suicide Kings
A slightly twisted game, whereby people are queuing up to die but they can't bring themselves to do it. They turn to an organization called the "Suicide Kings" who takeover the client's mind/body and commit suicide on their behalf. As the player, it's your job to commit suicide successfully for each client. That isn't as easy as it sounds when there's a city full of do-gooders getting in your way - not to mention the protesters that are against the Suicide Kings organization...

A game where the hero deliberately absorbs punishment from a plethora of enemies, without actually retaliating, until their evil is saturated and they are defeated. Although invincible, the hero would have to worry about protecting lots of allies that are under attack - by absorbing pain tactically.

Scally in... Life is Fucking Shit
Follow the comical events of what is surely the worst life in the history of modern man. You play as poor Scally, whose life is plagued by brutal misfortune. Each level would be another unfortunate day, and you have to get Scally through it as best you can. He's prone to accidents of all kinds, at all times, so it's quite a task. A simple walk in the park for instance would involve our hero being attacked by a dog, run over by bikes or cars, struck by lightning, and all manner of unexpected dangers.

Scally in... I Hired A Psychopath!
It's your responsibility to hire the best person for a job, but you always seem to hire a vicious psychopath! Each person you choose to hire would have their own level, they could be different kinds of psycho (guns, knives, destruction, etc.). When he/she starts causing chaos at work the next day, you're the one who's got to deal with it! Ideally before they claim their first victim...

Scally in... Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
The brakes don't work, as poor Scally tries to crash his way home for Christmas in a series of vehicles that simply won't stop. The game would play like the film Speed - losing control of your vehicle's speed would require the player to think and act fast... resulting in a lot of crashes. The story of the game would be quite comical: every time the guy steps onto a plane, train, taxi, or boat, the driver will always die - leaving him reluctantly in the driver's seat. 

Scally in... Infinite Trigger
When poor Scally gets hold of a devastating laser gun at a science museum, he finds that it simply won't stop firing! Thus, he has to navigate a series of levels whilst trying not to harm innocent bystanders. Not easy, because you must think about where you are aiming that gun at ALL times.
This game brings a new meaning to the term "auto-fire"!

A huge competition, where players/teams are deserted in a random country and left to make their own way back to a target country - the first to do so wins. Playing very much like an RPG, the player would explore the land trying to figure out how to travel from country to country. They would have to quiz the locals, and rely on their help, in order to progress. Trickiest of all - how do you travel with no money? Manipulating public transport or stealing vehicles could get you into trouble with the local police - which would obviously hinder your progress. 

Park Life
A small group of amateur footballers take it upon themselves to travel the world, playing matches against the locals. It would be more of an adventure than a competitive sports game, thanks to more personal gameplay.

An extremely tense horror game, inspired by the film Cape Fear, which casts the player as the father of a victimized family. Throughout numerous locations, centering on the family house, the player would have to protect his family from the psychotic stalker whilst all the time trying to tackle him. The stalker would be truly formidable - standing as the only enemy that exists in the game. 

World War Alpha
The biggest war ever faced by planet Earth: The Past vs. The Future.

The ancients have the spear of Christ: an enchanted relic that humbles any modern technology! All the surviving civilisations are repelled to the West - where they discover and inhabit America. The first battle is to secure that location as their base...

Like the TV show of the same name, this game would have players rushing around a hospital in a desperate bid to save lives. The player would perhaps be cast as a paramedic, who has to race against the clock to get victims into the skilled hands of the doctors. The gameplay would revolve around navigating the chaotic hospital at speed, whilst protecting the patient - whether they're carried in your arms or on a vulnerable stretcher.

Vindaloo Market
A spoof of gangland culture, using territorial animals (cats?) instead of humans. Each house in the neighbourhood could have it's own gang of cats that strive to be on top of things. Instead of shooting on each other, the cats would sharpen their claws and get physical - seeking to control the neighbourhood.

The Last Ride
A racing game using cowboys on horseback instead of vehicles. Like Road Rash the races would be violent, with the outlaws pulling guns on each other. They could be racing for anything, ranging from treasure to land.

Around The World In 80 Ways
Instead of the popular story "... 80 Days", this game would have the player navigating the globe using 80 kinds of transport. Only very few vehicles would be essential to make progress, but others might unlock secret levels or sub-games. The journey would be split up into countries, so there could also be new storylines and twists awaiting you depending on your route.

Dream Camping
A group of kids go camping. Will they survive a week in the wilderness?

Bladder Chimp
A group of outlaw scientists experiment transferring a human brain to the body of a monkey, and vice versa. When they finally succeed, they are left with the mind of a man trapped in the body of a scarred monkey. In a fit of hatred this new creature lashes out at the scientists responsible, and vows to kill them all...

A comical game, where 20 cannibals have been deserted on a distant island. They then compete in a weird Battle Royal - the players are "eliminated" when they are eaten. The more people you eat, the stronger you become - but likewise, you get weaker every time you are attacked. The last cannibal alive is declared the winner...

Super Lucky Dream Water
As one of several prisoners in a desert camp, you must get to the enemy's small water supply often enough to survive. Not an easy task when there are sadistic guards watching over you. You would carefully communicate with other prisoners to help set-up all kinds of tactics for getting access to the water. 

Lucky Dream Proposal
You've got to pull off all kinds of romantic gestures for your fiancé, gradually building up to the biggest gesture of all: a proposal for marriage. As the man you must run around frantically, setting things up and making sure the right people see/do the right things...

Balance Of Tower
There's an unstable tower in the middle of a landscape, and there is one player on either side of it. They must use all kinds of tactics to knock it over from their side. 

Superhero Olympics
When the world's best Superheroes come together to compete, they don't jump hurdles... they jump skyscrapers! All kinds of over-the-top contests would take place.

Super Security Guy
You have the awesome responsibility of having to guard all kinds of precious buildings and items, against vandals, etc.. For instance, you might have to look after a car yard full of amazing sports cars - beating off kids and criminals by any means possible before they cause damage...

You desperately need a promotion in your work, but the only way to guarantee it is to "take out" your superior colleagues. Cue brutal fights in the workplace, whilst trying to look like the perfect employee in front of your boss.

Sure Shot: Death From Above
You must shoot things out of the sky and to safety. For instance, your fellow soldiers are being dropped out of a plane to their deaths so you must blast them onto nearby mountain tops with your machine gun fire - and hope that they don't die from the shooting. 

Celebrity Snapshot
Famous stars are trying to avoid unwanted attention as they go about their business, but you must look out for them and take valuable photos. A sort of gun-game with a camera.

People all over the world stop everything to play various sports/games with the items around them. I.e. baseball with a gun and grenades during a war, tennis with briefcases in an office, etc.. 

You must walk a volatile tiger back to it's cubs, but to do so you must learn to harness its aggression.

Rigor Mortris
Rigor Mortris would be a version of Tetris that replaces the familiar bricks with rigidly shaped dead bodies! The game would feature a grim-looking undertaker who scoops the bodies into a massive grave, then the player would have to guide and rotate the body so that it fits comfortably amongst the others. When a "line" is made in Rigor Mortris it quickly decays into a line of skeleton parts and crumbles - thus lowering the pile and scoring the player points. 

Super Wrestling Hospital
You have opened the first hospital devoted to wrestling injuries, and vow to offer the best treatment to both amateur kids and superstars alike. As the head surgeon it is your job to attend to each patient and perform career-saving operations. You have full control over the treatment, no matter how ridiculous it may be. For instance, if Triple H comes in with his fucked up leg you could choose to operate on his heart - but if when he dies you'll have the WWF on your case. Likewise, divas might come in for breast implants and there'll be hell to pay if you get it wrong...

Super EMT
You're an emergency medic on the sidelines of a brutal wrestling show, and must rush out into the arena to save any injured wrestlers. Each level would have you rushing off to a new in-ring accident, for instance "Steve Austin's just broken his neck!" - and you would then have to race against the clock to give aid. When the going gets tough you may even have to battle against wrestlers or fans that are getting in the way.

Rage On The Stage
Imagine if the WWF staged high-profile music concerts! The world's greatest stars, from Eminem to Michael Jackson, all perform at the same night... but they can't let each other be. Expect interferences, trash-talking, and extreme violence in between songs as the stars compete to headline the show. 
"For the love of God!!! Madonna just got chokeslammed through a drum kit!!!"

Who Wants To Lay The Smack Down?
A spoof of the infamous Millionaire? game show, where players fight wrestling matches instead of answering questions. To win the $1,000,000 prize you'll have to score falls of 15 consecutive opponents. If things get tough you can use one of your Lifelines, including: Explode The Opponent, Call Out A Friend, etc.. I did try to make this game, but it didn't seem to work because you don't actually "win" anything (and therefore you don't care if you screw up) - so it played like a massive gauntlet wrestling match. A tricky problem to resolve...

Wrestling brought into everyday life. Fights break out anywhere at any time, because people have been watching wrestling. Various levels could be sending your teacher to hell through a table in a classroom, smashing someone over the head with a chair in a restaurant, etc.. 

Attitude Sports 
An experimental game, that takes all sorts of normal sports and treats them like a WWF show - I.e. over the top, aggressive action. For instance, a tennis game where they can hit each other with their rackets, and suffer unwanted interferences by rival players...

Wrestling On Tour
Grand Theft Auto style taxi game. The superstars need you to drive them around the country, dropping them off at PPVs and TV Studios Ė and they donít care what you have to do to make it there on time: The Rock says donít stop for pedestrians!

Wrestler's Story
Follow the life of a wrestler, from his first match as a child to winning a World championship - and control other aspects of his life along the way. A wrestling RPG series. 

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