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*On most setup screens, you simply tap either side of an option to browse left or right.


When setting up your own matches, the first thing to consider is who you want to include. If you TAP a name you can replace them with anybody else on the roster who hasn't already been cast. If you HOLD over a name you can move them over another to swap places. Tapping the match type will randomly generate a new match for you, which is handy for getting ideas in booking mode! However, you may still want to fine tune the rules with the other options (see below).


You can also assign a "promo" for your cast to act out, which may serve the very real purpose of creating rivalries, forming alliances, or switching allegiance. The basic categories are "Announcements", "Championships", "Relationships", and "Arguments" - within which dozens of specific scripts can be more easily found. The red description also helps you understand how it will be used, giving you the chance to swap the actors around if they're misplaced. The person criticizing somebody else will generally turn themselves "Heel" and their victim "Face". Not all scripting is about promos, though, as you can also arrange for up to 3 specific wrestlers to interfere in a match at a specific time. Otherwise interferences occur unpredictably.


In exhibitions or booking matches, you can fine tune every little rule that makes a match unique. Note that "rewards" may not be possible in exhibitions that are not supposed to have consequences. The rest of the options are as follows:

"Intervals" = After the first 2, wrestlers enter the match at timed intervals
"Individuals" = Every wrestler fights for himself
"Teams" = The wrestlers are divided into 2 teams who all compete at the same time
"Tag Teams" = Teams where only one wrestler can fight at a time and must tag in others

"Hardcore" = No disqualifications or rope breaks, and falls count anywhere in the arena
"Normal" = No disqualifications, but falls only count in the ring and rope breaks are enforced
"Strict" = As above, but weapon use results in disqualification

"First Fall Wins" = First wrestler to score a fall wins
"Best Of Three" = First wrestler to score 2 falls wins
"Ironman" = Wrestler with the most falls in the time limit wins
"Last Fall Wins" = Last wrestler to score a fall before the final bell wins
"Elimination" = Last wrestler to survive wins

"Pins" = A fall is scored when one wrestler pins another for the count of 3.
"Submissions" = A fall is scored when one wrestler makes another submit with a hold.
"Blood" = Elimination occurs when a wrestler's face is found to be bleeding heavily.
"Count-Out's" = Determine how leaving the ring is punished (if at all) - from a 10-count to instant elimination (or victory in the case of cage escapes).
"Knock-Out's" = Wrestlers can be eliminated if they are either found to be down with no health or cannot get back to their feet by a 10-count.


The stipulations of a match can also be expanded upon by how you set up the arena. You can choose to have a ring of any shape or size (or none at all!) in a venue of your choice. You can then fine tune every little detail of that ring - from the ropes and posts (if any) to the apron and canvas. You can also place different types of cage around any ring. The formula at the bottom allows you to specify exactly how many props you want, of what kind, and where. Notice that you may have to pay for all of these changes in booking mode, so think carefully about what you're investing in.

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