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Wrestling MPire

When the world's greatest promotions were brought together, the standard of wrestling was changed forever! As a newcomer to this brave new world, you must work harder than ever to make your mark. Performing in the ring is the least of your concerns, as you develop your skills, form relationships, negotiate contracts, and manage your finances! From the lowly beginnings of wrestling school to the bright lights of the bigtime, life in the Wrestling MPire is a physically and emotionally exhausting experience. It's down to you to make sure it's a successful one...
Contains acts of extreme violence and a potentially addictive Career mode.
Requires a PC compatible with DirectX 7.0 or higher. Not compatible with NVidia cards.

Boxed Version
Click to order the official boxed CD version of the game. It comes in a fully decorated jewel case, complete with a pull-out instructions summary and exclusive bonus material - including source code extracts and a toolkit for costume editing. The game ships from California USA, so please anticipate shipping costs and delays for international orders. For security reasons, this is the only option that can benefit from downloadable updates...

Downloadable Version
Click to download a special trial version of the full game. You can load it up 3 times, free of charge, after which you must register at full price to continue. Orders are processed in US Dollars ($14.99), but international currencies are welcome and should be translated automatically. For security reasons, this option cannot benefit from the standard updates (although it does come as the latest version as standard)...
Alternative Download Location

Demo Version
Click to download the official demo of the game. In the interests of a small download, it provides a mere singles match between a few set characters. It's a good example of the gameplay though, and gives you a never-ending opportunity to familiarise yourself with the way things work. Above all else, it's the moment of truth as you see how well the game works on your PC. If this demo doesn't run properly then neither will the full game...

Michael Jackson Demo
This special edition of the demo uses the same wrestling gameplay to tell the tale of Michael Jackson's current plight. Featuring 12 variations of the man himself, plus a series of 5 opponents, it gives you a whole new cast of characters to enjoy. So much bigger is the roster that there's even a special "MJ Convention" mode, which you'll recognize as a 10-man Royal Rumble! His little adventure even manages to include a brawl inside a steel cage, so look out for that too... 

Version 1.85 Update
Click to download the official Version 1.85 patch for the boxed edition of the game. After numerous updates, there's plenty to catch up on if you've only just installed the game! A plethora of bug fixes have given us the most airtight, foolproof gaming experience yet. As if that wasn't enough, they're joined by a new crop of angles/meetings, new taunts (from Michael Jackson's game), new moves - and even a new feature in the "World Leaders" charts! All in all, an essential download that no career should be without. However, please note that all these material additions require a few new files to be placed in the correct folders. If in doubt, please use WinZip's "EXTRACT" option to install everything automatically...
Requires an installation of tthe boxed full game.

Costume Update
Click to download a collection of extra costumes that will bring the editor up-to-date to match Booking MPire. There are a handful of additions in each category, but the most noticeable improvement is the range of faces - which includes over a dozen great new looks...

Real World Patch
Click to download a collection of alternative graphics and data files, which will transform the Wrestling MPire into the real world! It features the USA's "World Wrestling Federation", the UK's "Frontier Wrestling Alliance", Japan's "New Japan Pro Wrestling", shoot fighting's "Ultimate Fighting Championship", and Mexico's "Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre". The rosters feature real wrestlers too (although liberties have been taken to ensure an even spread). The transformation is completed with a new selection of aprons, canvases, t-shirts, and even the classic WWF world title belt!
WARNING: This patch will unlock all federations! You should refrain from using it until you have successfully completed the game. It will also reset the game world, thus affecting any Careers in progress...
An alternative Real World patch can be found here!

Default Portraits (800kb)
Once you've played through a few Careers you'll notice that the world soon gets bent out of shape! Although you can restore normality with the "Reset Game World" option (or the editor), you may find that the character portraits are out of sync. If that's the case, simply extract these images into your "Data/Portraits/" folder to restore the original photos. Please note that this particular collection is intended for boxed game owners. Downloadable players should find that the portrait pack is already provided as standard...

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