Miscellaneous Secrets

Federation Online: August Edition
Press Ctrl + Space in a special grapple to use your opponent's move. 
- Press 8 during a match for slow motion.
- Press 9 during a match for normal motion.
- Press 0 during a match for turbo motion.
- Hold Down at the title screen to put the logo into lower case.
- Press Backspace during a match to launch a random CD track.
- Press F1 at the title screen to set low resolution.
- Press F2 at the title screen to set normal resolution.
- Press F3 at the title screen to set high resolution.
- Adjust the camera during a match by holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse to the far left/right.

Big Bumps

Press keys 1-5 to change the lighting.
- Press R at the title screen to reset your records.
- Press Backspace during a game to launch a random CD track.
- Press E to shrink your character.

Family Christmas
- Press 'B' to become Bart Simpson.
- Press 'S' to become a soldier.

Wrestling vs Boxing

If you press the 'C' celebration before jumping, you will do a wild spin.
Extra moves in a grapple:
'G' = Gorilla Press Slam
'F' = Butt Bump
'W' = Leg Sweep
'Y' = Samoan Suplex
'R' = Samoan Slam

THAT Love Triangle

- Press Backspace to attempt a Generated Move. What happens here is the game randomly animates both Kurt and Triple H, then makes an impact - usually giving the effect of a strange move. These moves don't actually hurt Kurt Angle.

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