Miscellaneous Cheats



Sure Shot: Star Wars Edition

To automatically complete the game press S & H at the "How To Play" screen.

Sure Shot

To automatically complete the game press Ctrl & C at the "Story" screen.

Boxer's Story
To automatically complete the game press Ctrl & S at the Title screen.

Federation Online: August Edition

At the character screen:
- Press C to enter with a chair.
- Press B to enter on the motorcycle.
During a started match:
- Press H & R to create a cage around the ring.
- Press H & O to create a cage backstage.
- Press H & F to set a cage on fire.
- Press B & W to fill the ring with barbed wire.
- Press G & L to fill the ring with glass.
- Press T & N to fill the ring with TNT.
- Press U & T to darken the arena.
- Press Ctrl & 1 to call out a backstage character.
- Press Ctrl & 2 to call out a referee.
- Press Ctrl & 3 to create items in the entrance way.
- Press Ctrl & 4 to create items by the ring.
- Press Ctrl & 5 to create items backstage.

Big Bumps
- The code to get into the Wrestling story mode is Up & Space.
- Press P to create a Pyramid of tables.
- Press T to create a Tower of tables.
- Press S to create a Sea of tables.
- Press R during a game to activate Rumble mode.
- In Rumble mode you can call out different characters with keys F5-F11.

Family Christmas

Press keys F1-F4 to change which character P1 controls - if you do this at the end you can change yourself to the winner.

Fat Sow

Use keys: W, S, A, and D to make Fat Sow fly around the screen (you find this out by spinning my logo at the start of the game). If you think about it, this can make scoring maximum points easier.  


F1 - flaming chair for P1
F2 - sabre chair for P1
F3 - spinning ability for P1
F4 - increase score for P1

Case 3:16

I = more health
o = more beers
p = more attitude
w = show a blatant clue as to “Who Did It”, on the Accusation choice screen.
f  = cut straight to Mick Foley’s promo.

Wrestling vs Boxing

Press S in a grapple to hit a Super Rock Bottom

THAT Love Triangle

At the very start of the game there is a tribute to Yokozuna. Press the left cursor key to make him look to the left, then press the space bar to reveal a list of cheats.
- On the next screen, where my logo is in the top left corner of the screen, press right to rotate the logo until another list of cheats appears. 
- At the title screen, where my logo is in the top-left corner, hold up to push it through the top of the screen until cheats appear.
- Press 'z' to attempt the Pogo Pedigree

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