Federation Wrestling


- Press H near the apron to climb underneath!
- Press Right CTRL and Left CTRL at the bottom of a caged ring to climb out
- Press TAB to trigger an explosion
- Press Ctrl + I to call out an interference
- Press Ctrl + R during a match to turn a secondary character (manager/invader) into a referee!
- Press Ctrl + H to halve the health of all wrestlers during a match
- Press Ctrl and - or + at the career screen to skip stages
- Use -/+ at match setup to select a promo!
- Press keys M + D at the Credits screen to unlock the Editor
- Press P + R on an occupied career slot to see the end newspaper article

- Press C + G to erect or remove the cage at any time
- Press E at the Career screen to activate EXPERT mode (all matches become Very Hard)
- At match setup use keys F1-F4 to adjust game speed (F1 - Super Slow, F4 - Super Fast)
- Press both BRACKET keys during a match to toggle shoot fighting mode (can't grapple!)
- Press D in the Editor to see the filename of the highlighted character
- Press the Punch and Kick buttons together when Special to perform opponent's finisher.
- Press B + L to perform a "blade job"
- Press the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON at the title screen to shake the logo.
- Press the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON at the title screen to change the screen colour.
- Referees count slowly for their enemies and quickly for their friends!
- If you taunt with a microphone or belt your Special meter increases quicker than usual.
- Some moves can change direction in mid-air by pressing to either side at the right time.
- If you press Taunt while on the sidelines of a Tag match your CPU teammate will try to tag you in.
- Press the Burn command to fix or destroy an item in hand.
- Press the Big Attack command whilst holding a chair to perform the "Van Daminator" (whether standing or on turnbuckle)
- In the final match, Whack Oz has been paid to make sure you lose!
- Any character wearing Dyny's helmet (when not broken) will be immune to blindness

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