Big BumpZ


- Press CTRL + END to automatically complete a story mode stage with your next jump
- Press CTRL + H to restore health in Story mode
- Press CTRL + M + D at the career progress screen to automatically complete the game
- Hold P in mid-air to stop falling
- Hold R before jumping to fire off at full speed!
- Hold T before jumping to rocket into the sky! (Can be combined with the above)
- Press the HOME key to enable jumps on the stage floor!

- Press BACKSPACE after a jump to automatically return to the platform...
- Hold CTRL + S to cover the active player in scars
- Press F5 to active a controllable camera, which can be moved with keys I, J, K, L, Y, and H
- Press F11 to hide player 1 (good for taking clean shots of the arena)
- Press F10 to hide the scenery (good for taking clean shots of a character in action)
- Press CTRL + D to activate disco lighting in any arena
- Hold Left ALT + F to change the fog colour (where applicable)
- Hold Left ALT + L to change the ambient light colour
- At the crate-smashing stage the most economical way to succeed is to STACK them - thereby smashing several with each jump.
- At the stage where you're meant to commit suicide the trick is that you're supposed to "go out in style" - I.e. score 2000pts or more in the process. If you commit suicide like a normal person then you don't deserve a Federation Online contract!
- At stage 14, where you're asked to perform 3 "good" moves, it means moves that are worth more than 200pts.


It's easy when you know how, so let superfan Gary Rennie walk you through all 15 career stages...

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